Get $500 when you spend $10,000 or more on Apple Search Ads as a new client
Your rates. Our risks. No additional commission.
Get $500
when you spend
$10,000 or more
on Apple Search Ads
as a new client
Bonus for new clients
For all new clients who start working with Angle Group, we provide a one-time offer. You get $500 of advertising budget in Apple Search Ads for your first $10,000 with us.
In-Depth Linguistic Keyword Research
We use computational linguistics methods to curate thousands of relevant search queries in any language, whether it's Arabic, Asian, or European.
or Pay-per-Action
Our clients acquire targeted users from Apple Search Ads with payment per install or specific in-app action. Clients set the rates, while we shoulder the risks. There are no budget constraints.
Strategic Keyword Bidding
With 7 years of experience in Apple Search Ads, we've devised a range of bid optimization strategies. We pick bids to enter auctions and negotiate with Apple Search Ads algorithms to increase traffic volume while reducing costs. Our optimization isn't just about app downloads; it's primarily aimed at boosting conversions and ROI.
Smart Reports
for Transparency
Our focus on Apple Search Ads has enabled us to develop a suite of custom zoom-in/zoom-out reports. These reports provide diverse levels of detail and angles, giving both us and our clients a clear view of the current status of traffic purchasing from various perspectives. This allows us to promptly make optimization decisions.
All these technologies have given us an huge advantage in buying traffic over other agencies. We can maximize Apple Search Ads purchases at specified CPI, ROAS, CPA, etc. in any language. We’ll shoulder the risks.
How we work
Case studies
increase in downloads from organic traffic and Apple Search Ads campaigns
Impressed with Angle Agency's quality services, including thorough keyword research and optimized campaigns. Achieved 20-25% visibility increase and 15-20% more downloads. Excited to continue partnering with them!
CMO at Municorn
increase in visibility
in user acquisition in Apple Search Ads
Simple App have partnered with Angle since 2019. Their professionalism, personalized service, and Michael Shubin's expertise increased user acquisition by 15% and achieved CPA/ROAS targets. Highly recommended!
VP of Marketing at Simple App
in organic installs after every ASO optimization
Angle's ASO optimization and Apple Search Ads user acquisition significantly boosted our app's performance. Top 5 rankings, 20% organic installs increase, and improved search engine ranking. Highly recommended for ASO and Apple Search Ads!
Konstandian Razmik
Co-founder at DeepFaker LLC
in organic conversion
the difference between BEFORE vs AFTER. Increase in conversion after visual optimization in Japan
Angle's visual audit and assistance improved our graphics, resulting in a significant +27% increase in conversion rates. Thank you, Angle!
Lead ASO Specialist at Pixel Gun 3D, Lightmap
Angle Team proved their commitment to the partnership. It was amazing working with their team and their efforts are appreciated.
Candice Evrard
UA Director at Spiral Interactive
Our clients and partners
What we offer
We will analyze the account structure and effectiveness of past Search Ads campaigns, and prepare a list of recommendations based on our analysis.

You will recieve:
In case you're already running Search Ads and want us to check your account, we can conduct a full review of your campaign.

During our audit, our experts take all of your account data and analyze structure and performance through Search Ads API.

We then align it with the best practices and most professional approaches.

As a result, you get the report with an overview of your account state, list of issues, and — most importantly — a list of recommendations from our certified experts.
Setup & Management
We will set up an advertising account from scratch or manage existing campaigns.

You will recieve:
We apply best practices from our three years of hands-on experience running Search Ads.

We can start by setting up your advertising account with a sophisticated structure, along with the aim of continuously optimizing it with a program of experiments.

Our data-based process is innovative — using the newest insights approaches — and maximizes your value from Search Ads campaigns.
Scaling strategy
We will apply best practices to maximize the volume from your Search Ads campaigns, keeping your KPIs at a set level.

You will recieve:
Scaling is one of the most discussed topics in Search Ads.

While some advertisers struggle to scale their campaigns because raising bids results in installs that are too expensive, others apply best practices to scale without increasing the cost per install, and even lowering it in some cases.

This requires a profound and holistic strategy to obtain high relevance for your app, and we can help with that.
Achieve growth with our expertise and unique tools
Consultancy and Training
We will share our knowledge to answer your questions and train your team.

You will recieve:
We not only answer all your questions about Search Ads, but we also inspire you to ask the right questions.

With our vision of Search Ads logic, we can suggest the winning strategy tailored to your goals.

Besides that, we can organize training sessions for your team on both basic and advanced levels.

Our knowledge is based on our practice with dozens of apps, and we're keen to share it. That's why our training programs are full of practical insights you can’t get just by reading the documentation.
We will save your time by minimizing manual work, no matter how complex your account structure is.

You will recieve:
Managing Search Ads accounts manually is an option, but only to a certain point. Once you expand your campaigns to more than one storefront or would like to use more than 50 keywords, it becomes time-consuming work.

With Search Ads API and our experience in automation, you can eliminate the limitations of manual labor, thereby expanding to the whole list of 60 available storefronts and using thousands of keywords, as well as effective data collection and bid optimization.

We provide and deploy automation scripts that solve bulk creation, data collection, bid optimization, and other tasks.
Submit a request to take $500 for your first $10k with us
Simple App have partnered with Angle since 2019. During this time, Angle has shown their professionalism in working with large projects. With professional service and a personal approach to your projects, I can definitely recommend the Agency — and Michael in particular — as a good partner.
Ivan Semin
VP of Marketing at Simple App
Ivan Semin
VP of Marketing
What our clients say
Angle team's ASO audit delivered actionable insights in just one week, resulting in positive outcomes and ongoing implementation of their recommendations.
Head of Performance Marketing of FJOR NUTRITION
Impressed with Angle Agency's quality services, including thorough keyword research and optimized campaigns. Achieved 20-25% visibility increase and 15-20% more downloads. Excited to continue partnering with them!
Lead ASO Specialist at Pixel Gun 3D, Lightmap
Angle's optimization improved our App Store visibility, increasing page views and pre-order conversions. Their screenshot recommendations were highly effective. We're grateful for their support, which extended beyond ASO to resolve App Store issues.
Art director
LIT: Better Sex & Intimacy
Achieve growth with our expertise and unique tools