ASO services from experts
We provide professional ASO auditing, semantic core collection, metadata compilation, and comprehensive strategic ASO support for diverse countries.
9+ years experience
Our team has been working with App Store Optimization (ASO) and Apple Search Ads (ASA) since their inception
Computational linguistics and AI
Access data from mobile app stores
We have unlimited access to Asodesk's data parsing, providing valuable insights, analytics, and optimal business results
We deliver cutting-edge solutions with expertise in ML, computational linguistics, and AI techniques
In-house experts
Our team is proficient in Chinese, English, and has comprehensive cultural understanding of Europe and Asia
You will benefit from our ASO services if you are a...
New application publisher
You aim to prepare the app for its initial release on the App Store, Google Play, and other platforms
Publisher of released applications
You aim to boost organic traffic and improve conversion rates (CVRs) in specific targeted countries
Publisher lacking ASO team
You aim to promote the application in specific countries, but you lack an ASO specialist on your team
of users log in to the App Store to find the app they need (according to Apple)
of all app installs come from search (according to Apple)
of users accessing Google Play use the search function to find apps (according to Tune)
increase in retention rate on the 30th day (for those applications that implement ASO; according to AppsFlyer)
Why it is essential to work with ASO
What we offer
Audit your app's store page to maximize its potential and achieve better results. Our comprehensive assessment provides actionable insights and recommendations for improvement.

You will recieve:
Text Metadata Analysis

Comprehensive Semantic Core

Visual Elements Enhancement Recommendations and Design Tasks

Ratings & Reviews Audit

Key ASO Strategy Points and Useful Documents
One App / One Store / One Country
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One store
The price is listed for one store and one country, with a 50% discount offered for the second store.
Second store
One store
Second store
Grouped keywords by relevant vertical

Traffic data for each keyword

Keyword difficulty indicator for top search results

Daily app installs for each keyword

Application ranking information for each keyword
Semantic core building
Maximize app visibility with a curated semantic core. Optimize metadata, run Apple Search Ads, and target high-impact queries. Our categorized keyword list simplifies tasks and enhances analytics.

You will recieve:
America & Europe
how it works
By exploring diverse sets of search queries, we can identify the most impactful keywords for driving app installs. Our goal is to create a comprehensive semantic core that remains effective for a minimum of one year, empowering your app optimization efforts.
Text ASO
The text metadata of an application refers to the written content on its page, which directly affects its ranking. By gathering precise metadata, we ensure that users can discover your app in the store using relevant keywords, while also expanding the pool of available keywords.
The price is listed for one store and one country, with a 50% discount offered for the second store.
One store
Second store
America & Europe
For the App Store, you will receive:
App Name (30 characters)

Subtitle (30 characters)

Keyword field (100 characters)
For Google Play, you will receive:
App Name (30 characters)

Short description (80 characters)

Full description (4000 characters)
Please note that assistance from the Client may be required when compiling the full description, such as providing additional text materials and content.
Additional Locales in the App Store. allows you to increase the total number of relevant keywords indexed in individual countries by adding an additional locale to your main locale, thereby attracting new organic installs when your app appears in the top 10 search results for new queries.
For example, you can increase your app's search visibility in the US by 49% simply by adding two new localizations - Arabic and Chinese (Simplified). However, for the best effect, it is recommended that you add all additional localizations that will help promote your app in the US: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Mexico), Vietnamese.
The price is listed for one store and one country, with a 50% discount offered for the second store.
One store
One store
Second store
Second store
America & Europe
The price of additional cross-localization is $199
Visual ASO
Consistently improving the visual elements of your application page is crucial for boosting conversion rates. Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of the information layer and provide you with a detailed document, equipping your designers with new testing hypotheses to enhance the effectiveness of your icons, screenshots or previews.

You will recieve:
An audit of the graphical elements on your application page and those of your direct competitors

Hypotheses to enhance the graphical elements of your application page

A comprehensive document containing all the necessary tasks for your designers
We provide the service of creating new icons and screenshots, with an average cost of $400 per pack
One App / One Store / One Country
Strategic ASO
Our team provides comprehensive ASO support for your project, targeting specific countries and increasing monthly organic traffic. In this case, we serve as your in-house ASO specialists.

You will recieve:
Prioritizing country focus

Implementing textual ASO optimization in two countries monthly

Conducting visual ASO optimization and testing hypotheses, with at least one hypothesis being tested monthly

One App
$1199 / Month
Regular written discussion of project progress via email or messengers

Ideas for events to improve visibility and interest users

Monitoring organic traffic dynamics and providing comprehensive reports
Discounts for multi-country orders
3 — 5 countries
6— 9 countries
10+ countries
What our clients say
Angle team's ASO audit delivered actionable insights in just one week, resulting in positive outcomes and ongoing implementation of their recommendations.
Head of Performance Marketing of FJOR NUTRITION
Impressed with Angle Agency's quality services, including thorough keyword research and optimized campaigns. Achieved 20-25% visibility increase and 15-20% more downloads. Excited to continue partnering with them!
Lead ASO Specialist at Pixel Gun 3D, Lightmap
Angle's optimization improved our App Store visibility, increasing page views and pre-order conversions. Their screenshot recommendations were highly effective. We're grateful for their support, which extended beyond ASO to resolve App Store issues.
Art director
LIT: Better Sex & Intimacy
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